Dona rentant-se (Femme à sa toilette)

c1912-13 by Juli González
Museu Nacional d’art de Catalunya

Another artist that hides in the last rooms of the Museu Nacional d’art de Catalunya is Juli González. His modestly sized portraits hang quietly; though dark and sombre in colour they are tranquil observations. There is something of Henri de Touslouse-Lautrec’s style about his observations; it is the art of silent but unobtrusive watching that allows the beauty of a woman sitting unaware to be portrayed. Nothing is romantacised, as was perhaps expected, and it is this naturalistic approach that manages to become a new romance. The romance of capturing a woman as is — unclad and washing; all bare skin and hair carelessly pinned up. Not that González’s work is without style; it is the broad and strong limbs of his women together with their Greek features that make them so distinct and powerfully compelling.


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