One hundred and twenty eight


After Dark

2005 by Neil Canning
Advanced Graphics London

After Dark is interesting. Provoking from its title, we peer into the face of the picture expecting to see the enveloping depths of night “after dark”. Instead Canning’s print is strikingly bright; the expected inky blues are brilliant turquoise. Abstract, colour moves gently across the picture in subtle tonal ranges, softly hazy at the edges and stamped hard in the triangle in the middle. This slight tonal variation gives a feeling of transience, encouraged by the expressive bold brush stroke on the bottom right; lighter in colour, this sweeps in the foreground evocative of movement. Of course After Dark is full of connotations of change, from day to night, from light to dark, and we cannot help but see the moon in the dark hint of a circle to the left. Planet-like this sphere hovers in the corner, pulled into the composition by the contorting lines that scatter outwards though they are held to the sphere’s shape. Seeing this, the inversion of colour is then what gives this picture its surreal atmosphere; we have a dark moon on an electric sky, made even clearer in the clinically sharp medium of screenprint. Energy then, already fuelled with the mixing of colours from our expectations, is splattered across the canvas in lime green; an acid surge among blue. Here lies the power, the potential and the possibility of what occurs after dark; the unexpected perhaps, or just the surging body of the ever-changing moon.


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