One hundred and seventy five

Big Bambú: You can’t, you don’t, and you won’t stop

2010 by Doug & Mike Starn
The Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Roof Garden, MET, NYC, until 31st October

Doug and Mike Starn’s (twins) rooftop installation is an ever-changing, ever-growing structure that, though it opened in April, is being constantly developed. It is a massive bamboo structure erupting from several points across the roof, climbing high into the expanse of sky above. Built by artists and rock climbers the piece is constantly evolving, as the building continues throughout the exhibition. It is meant to summon the “complexity and energy” of a living organism, growing organically against the urban backdrop of the New York skyline. The bamboo are massive, enormous trunk-like pieces strung together with red nylon rope, they seem to multiply above your head, vast and dense they appear never ending as it is impossible to see the top when standing around or under it. The density makes it seem almost ridiculous that you can walk through the structure, it appears so cavernous, camouflaging the very air surrounding it. When looking closely you can just decipher the various walkways entwined into the walls of bamboo, beginning at the bottom they ascend into the sky fantastically; curling around, they become invisible once they leave the floor. The structure does indeed appear organic; untainted by the concrete that surrounds, it is primitive in its construction in comparison, pleasingly simple and honest compared to everything around. Light and airy compared to the buildings of the surrounding city, even simple in its contrast to the wealth of green that makes up the park,  Big Bambú appears as the most unaltered, elementary and basic object for miles, yet relentless in its multiplication.


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