One hundred and seventy six


2010 by Jasmine Golestaneh
Envoy Enterprises,

Golestaneh’s college show was held at Envoy Enterprises, featuring her mystical, surreal and absorbing collages. Framed and hung subtly, these were like tiny windows into curious worlds, barely comprehensible until you peered closely, and even then the obscurity of Golestaneh’s wonderful imagination left us pondering. We are left not confused but hypnotised with intrigue through these picture’s compositions, in a state of awe, captivated by something unreal. Though they are simple, these images are incredible provoking; it is through their oddities that they tell stories, as we wonder what the reasoning is behind each curious and cutout component. In this collage we have a ballet dancer, taught with pose, balancing on the head of a gigantic snake, its jaws spread wide, large enough to quickly encompass her foot. Her head is then grown from the magical and glittering translucence of crystals, spreading bulbously to the left and in sharp and glittering points to the right. The colours, deep magenta to lilac blue and shards of soft green, are as mystical as their medium, and, among this world of black & white, create a transcendental atmosphere of far-off and unimagined lands. This collage, like many of Golestaneh’s, combines monotone pieces of picture with coloured, in a contrast that furthers the juxtaposition of two unlikely images, brought together in creativity that turns expectation on its head.



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