One hundred and eighty four

Pedestrian City, Hypostyle Courtyard, project Perspective

1976 by Roger C. Ferri

Project Perspective is one of the several Pedestrian City drawings MoMA owns by architect Roger C. Ferri. The drawings, as expected from an architect, are meticulous, precise in measurement and degree, providing a striking contrast to much of the museum’s art. The clarity of measured composition is obvious here, with regimented stems standing equidistant, and, though they curl, it is with the discipline of calculated angles. From these the flowers erupt, reaching for the sky from all sides, the flower heads careful to spread their petals in a similar star-like manner, the tips meeting with those that surround them in a mathematical harmony that ensures a complete canopy. The effect is beautiful, made so by the repetition of pleasing shape and intense, simple colour. The perspective created is effective and subtle; not plagued by the blatancy of one vanishing point as there are many, it is a perfect illustration of fading into the distance. However, the precision gives the image a clear un-natural ambience; it is unreal, and tainted with that Futurist desire for perfection, emphasised by the fact that this exactness is created through the platform of supposedly natural forms.


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