One hundred and eighty seven

Bleeding Heart

2006 by Tara DePorte
Gitana Rosa Gallery, Brooklyn;

DePorte’s work has the captivating tranquility of bizarre beauty, of slightly contorted human depiction that abstracts only the body stylistically, leaving the personality and emotion intact. Her figures are haunting, through a poignant emotional realism articulated through the people of her imagination. DePorte’s figures materialise as a wall-painting does, all over-sized free-flowing outline, incredible fluid and capturing of three dimensionality despite the elongated flat surface (she paints on wood). The work has a primitivism to it, in the outlines, but also in the simplicity of design, paired with simple, warm, and raw colours. We have the intensity of deep burgundy red with the depths of an indigo sky, countered by the pale natural tones of skin and plaster. This is not the marble skin of alabaster but the rough skin of reality, taught and pulled with emotion. Space and feeling too are coloured in expression, as the sky behind bubbles darkly and the figures’ bodies are cloaked in the golden gleam of interaction. This solid colour, the clinging of background to figures, is reminiscent of Klimt (postcard twenty-eight), where his euphoric backgrounds often hold his lovers in a state of bliss. Though here the effect is more subtle, the desire to present character in relation to its imagined effect on the atmosphere surrounding is clear. DePorte’s heart bleeds, veins stretching like the figure’s uncomfortably pulled elongated arm, and pain becomes visible.


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