One hundred and ninety two

Night, Davis Park, Trees on the Dune

2009 by Carrie-Ann Bracco
Fuse Gallery, NYC;

Bracco’s moody landscapes now make up some of her strongest work; spread across the canvas and silhouetted, they are eerie moments caught stone still. This particular painting is part of Bracco’s Night Paintings series, paintings concerned with capturing scenes at night and translating the colours we see in the dark to paint. The series is dominated by inky blacks and purples along with acrid yellow, a dark absorption coloured by the brightness light can possess when confronted by darkness. Light is caught as a glow through a window, a city in the distance, and in this case the dropping of the sun below the horizon. Disappeared, the sun is not visible and the light barely there, and Bracco’s colour is subtly diluted throughout the sky. Highlighted occasionally, the sky is given a terrific texture, all clouds and depth compared to the black flatness of the land before it. The yellow, though bright, summons for us that of night vision goggles, or an acidity of digital light shining from black. This allows the atmosphere of night, of being left in the dark, to be completely conveyed. What Bracco explores in the night paintings is how to convey darkness without just painting black, capturing that colour that becomes clear when eyes are allowed to adjust.



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