One hundred and ninety four

Driving through Marrakech (twilight)

2009 by Caroline Hall
Degree Art;

Hall’s MA show From a Railway Carriage previewed at Degree Art earlier this summer, taking inspiration from Robert Louis Stevenson’s poem of the same name. Her paintings are blurred views from a carriage window, lines of colour and atmosphere snatched from a fleeting glance. These range from journeys across specified places in London, to subjects (bluebells, the sea), or indeed the exotic scenes of Marrakech. Colour is key here, as it becomes completely reflective of place as outline is blurred; colour becomes an anchor. The sea becomes an array of intense blues, diluted according to place — silvery grey “with rain”, hotly turquoise in Cape Town. Driving through Marrakech is suitable enticing, the lure of the Souq given through decadent purple and arresting green, which stud the array of colour as it spreads below an intoxicating indigo sky. Light, always the most lasting imprint on one’s gaze, is expressed in bright and piercing yellow to orange to white. These colours, in thin burning strips, are as intense as light itself; we can imagine, if we shut our eyes, these strips would be glowing in the back of our minds as if we had seen them in reality. Capturing essence of place, a blur of atmosphere and sense through a moment only, is akin to many works of art, though here Hall has created a specific platform for it. She creates a mode for a specific Impressionism, drawing windows of impressions of the world as they speed by all too fast.


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