One hundred and ninety five

Everything’s Alright Forever

1993 by Anthony Frost
Tate St. Ives

Frost is a prominent artist among the set of the Cornwall Coast, his work features in the Tate St Ives, and he lectures at the Falmouth School of art among others. It is the vibrance of his work that he is well known for, the bright colours and unabashed compositions, many of which have featured on the album covers of The Fall. Everything’s Alright Forever is one of those leading titles that cannot help but direct the viewer to tone of atmosphere; the sentence is hurried, a determined chant of reassurance which is immediately calmed by the large rhombus of swimming blue that centres the painting. In a swirl of indigo and turquoise, this dominates the painting, overbearing in texture and determinedly pointy in shape. The echoing of this shape is then seen throughout the strip that runs down the right-hand side of the painting; separating the rhombus’s colours, these are smaller diamonds in dark and light blue, paired with bright yellow and the fierceness of orange and red. This red is echoed throughout the painting, in brilliantly bright dashes and a telling cross; branded, it seems to be imprinted throughout the painting. There is something reassuring in the intense pattern of colour and shape, one that is conscious of itself, yet not meticulously regular. The warmth of the composition as a whole is hard to escape; it is compelling, there is nothing timid in the tone of this painting, no matter what message we choose to take from it.


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