One hundred and ninety eight


2010 by Frederik Schnieders
Art in Mind, The Brick Lane Gallery until 23rd August;

Belgium artist Frederik Schnieders has several works in this months Art in Mind at The Brick Lane Gallery. Lining the back wall of the street level gallery, Schnieders’s work is the first thing that hits you; huge canvases dripping with ink, they are impact-full in size and their monotone palette. The perspective in this piece is perhaps the most striking thing about it; the figure to the right emerging from the frame in his contrasting size, creating a sense of three dimensionality that suits the reminiscence of animation that clings to this black and white drawing. The figures have a sense of movement due to this freehand style, they have the freedom of small pencil drawings or graffiti, lacking the considered density of paintings. There is a remarkable amount of white left on the canvas, it has the openness of an blank page, making the deliberately left empty spaces noticeable yet not out of place with their sparse surroundings. These people have no faces but it hardly matters, so fluid and articulative are the lines that create their bodies. Tone is also subtle here, form has not been coloured in but gently shaded to hint at curve or form of flesh. It is because of this that we particularly notice their clothes, short shorts and a tipped hat, confirming youth and and a sense of time in these two figures and their intimacy of almost holding hands.


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