Two hundred and five

Chaos Germ

2010 by Sarah Gilbert
Central Saint Martin’s MA Show 2010;

2010’s MA Fine Art Degree show at Central Saint Martin’s was an exploration through art that just seemed to continue; one climbed stair after stair to discover hidden clean white rooms, each embellished with these students’ imagination. Sarah Gilbert’s paintings are massive, bright and incredibly well executed, possessing a clarity and sheen that manipulates paint for its graphic, rather than painterly, possibilities. Her treatment of colour is true and intense, pantone-like, with a blue that bowls over with its consistent intensity. Green, the green of computer game grass, and pillar-box red stands out in some sort of digital nostalgia; visually, the colours of this painting have incredible impact. Painted on stainless steel, it is no wonder that such quality is achieved; paint seems to reach ‘high resolution’, carried by Gilbert’s straight angled and razor edged style. Her house is picture perfect in the top left-hand corner sat on a bed of immaculate grass, which is then fragmented, along with other architectural components, across the composition. It is this scattering of random pieces, though they are held in this digital-like space, that implies the germ, the chaos, that juxtaposes the very nature of this painting. This chaotic notion, implied with the curious title, provides an intriguing contrast to the neatly executed style. The only variant to the block colour is the cloud, dripping rain dead straight, that appears in white billows of translucence; contrastingly three dimensional, and telling in its symbolic uncertainty and unpredictability.


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