Two hundred and eight

Salle de Bain

2006 by Robert Polidori
Flowers Gallery, Cork Street

Flowers Gallery’s latest photography exhibition at Cork Street is quietly and poignantly awesome. The photos are huge, owning, but not dominating the wall space; each transporting you to a vision, a snapshot of the world. Burtynsky’s Factory Worker Dormitory is intricately intriguing; perhaps a hundred balconies are in shot — each hung with coloured washing — people looking out. Burtynsky has given us the lives of many, littered, yet gridded before us. This is then contrasted with his huge and expansive landscapes, dramatically contrasting in their ultimate naturalism. Polidori’s Salle de Bain is then a further contrast still; a room minimal and luxurious oppose to this panning out on the urbanity and beauty of this earth. The simplicity of Polidori’s construction of image immediately sets off the historical decadence that the surroundings possess. With an understated composition the colours, patterns, the embellishment, is allowed to truly stand out, carried by the sumptuous detail and quality of the photograph. Everything, from the brocade on the bedspread to the veins of the marbling of the floor, is perfectly in focus. The floors, these perspective inducing diamonds, create the regal-like build up to the bed, the ‘crown’ finishing the effect. Daylight then streams through the window, bathing the scene naturally; it allows us to focus on its exquisite beauty while giving a reminder of time, of the years of its existence.



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