Two hundred and fourteen


2010 by Gwen Yip
Central Saint Martins MA Show;

Yip’s paintings are a sequence of graphically precise shots of urban life. Tied together by their linear and monotone style, they work best as a group. A storyboard of stilled city scenes, it is as if Yip freezes the casual and brief images of an everyday walk home. All the paintings feature this wonderfully monotone grey. Seamless and ongoing, it is the blocked out colour of concrete; possessing all the urban blankness of the material, it is the mundane sea of the city. It seeps across the floor and sky, tying the two together, unifying their non-descript matter. Here there are no skies of blue, only grey, and what stretches overhead is as dead as the road. It is only the furniture of the city that breaks this monotony — a bright red barrier (yellow cones in others), crowned by Yip’s lampposts in perfect perspective. These subjects are elegant and immaculately drawn, giving the scene, if not warmth, a recognisable reassurance in the repetition of what we know. They act as guides, poignant symbols, in these blocks of brown and grey that draw this walking figure onwards. Clothed in black, she is a faceless representation of us all, defined only by her purposeful bag of blue. She could be anyone of us, climbing the generic pavement to go home.


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  1. Great post! Gwen Yip is showing at DEVOUR, curated by jotta, next week! The exhibition runs 10 March to 13 March at the Affordable Art Fair in London. Want to go?

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