Two hundred and eighteen

Beyond Reflection

2010 by Stephanie Kingston
Acme Project Space, 44 Bonner Road until 31st October

Stephanie Kingston, the second recipient of the Jessica Wilkes award, has developed a series of paintings in response to the house where her Aunt and Uncle lived from 1970 to 2008. An exploration into decorative change and the nostalgia attached to what has been, Kingston’s paintings are probing in that way that we all remember images of our family’s old houses. Filled with memory Kingston concentrates on details of pattern and object, as a child would remember elements of somewhere they were frequently taken to. Beyond Reflection is particularly poignant with its multitude of angles that allows various inquisitive viewpoints into the body of this house. It is the same room reflected with its face changed with time, painted over or visually uplifted to literally reflect the point at which it was being lived in. It is a provocative merging of patterns and time frames– of cottage florals and garish black and white; of white to pink enamel; of discoloured plastic to the brushed metal on the bathroom cabinet. The contrast of photography and paint feeds the feeling of uncertainty of what is real and what is a fabrication of memory – an embellished figment of the past. The repetition of the sink appears as a metamorphosis of trying to remember, of digging deeper into the mind. We are looking through doorways of reflection, to the aim of finally glimpsing the doorway into the rest of the house. What lies through it is an image dusty and faded in comparison – a barely coloured drawing of a hallway piled high with books. It is a sketch of the past, drawn with the distance of time.


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