Two hundred and nineteen

Dynamics # 1

2010 by Gwen Xiao Yu
Central St Martin’s College of Art MA Show

Yu’s geometric canvas is an obvious commander of attention. It is not only unmistakably un-rectangular but provocatively geometric – sides gesticulating at different angles, pushed on by the equally conflicting angles within the composition. There is no centre point, yet these three bands glide to meet each other just off centre, creating a focal point that again teases us with a paradigm of the norm. This focal point is created with the arrows these bands create — blue marbled lines surge upward and the grey panelling breaks to bring its line to point directionally down. Line has all the control here, guiding our eyes and creating barriers – cleanly cut changes between colour and design. The simplicity of these cutting edges, where no blending of paint is to be imagined, is echoed in the base and quiet colour used, which in pure blocks – tone only changing with the introduction of more lines – is simple and poignantly effective. Their combination is calming, perfectly aligned against the recklessness of the angles. Yu’s painting is geometic dynamism pulled out and played to its best.



Filed under Twenty First-Century

3 responses to “Two hundred and nineteen

  1. hello postcardwall,
    i wonder who you are?
    i like your review of my painting An Eye on Infinity.
    are you a painter?

    • sophiehill

      Hello Sharon,
      I write about art – from postcards on postcardwall and for catalogues and magazines otherwise.
      I really like your painting. Thanks for your comment, send me more postcards if you have any…

  2. sam

    Did you really write about all these postcards- it’s amazing!?

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