Two hundred and twenty six

Peep Hole

2010 by Robert Dunt
Alien Beauty: Alien Freedom @ Degree Art until 28th November

Alien Beauty: Alien Freedom is mostly made up of an array of eclectic canvases that cover the span of one wall completely, immediately confronting the viewer with a colourful and encompassing display that plays with and blurs the eyes. The effect is warm, colour focusing on golds, yellows and orange, and slightly exotic – beauty not refined or even defined, but beauty in a whirlwind of works combined. The postcard of Peep Hole focuses on and manipulates this collective effect, taking a picture not of Dunt’s work straight-forwardly but instead blurring the perspective, framing the image through reflection. The actual piece stands as a tub from which bright and elaborate poles emerge, lit from the centre below with a bright blue light. On two sides of this sculpture there are then mirrors, painted with brightly coloured dashes in patterns. It is these that the photo is taken from — the image appearing almost through the painted reflected surface, with the shape and mass of the poles blurred and barely decipherable. The effect is the one of the exhibition overall — a dancing of colour and pattern, of alien objects that through contrast and composition form a beauty that is an amalgamation rather than exact object. This amalgamation serves to entice vision into a different world rather than being reflective of reality — ‘alien’ beauty indeed.


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  1. VJ

    Thank you for your review your oppinion matters and we will be passing it on to Robert and Alistair.

    Please visit us again.

    Best wished from


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