Two hundred and fifty seven

Tablecloth Ocean

c2010 by Trevor Price
Sea and Shore Curwen & New Academy until 26 March 2011

The Curwen & New Academy’s Sea and Shore exhibition is full of fitting images for early crisp spring days, when sun is pale but bright and the longings for summer begin. Introducing new artists as well as using those from the Curwen collection, we are presented with abstract reliefs of ocean and light to picture postcard images of the seafront. Price’s Tablecloth Ocean is a welcome diversion from the dominating palette of sky blues and sandy yellows, plunging us into a far darker and more obscure shading of the world. His pictures are highly stylised and abstract in their form and ideas; any figures he uses stretch largely in the composition reminiscent of Henry Moore sculpture and his compositions are proportionally fantastical. The idea of spreading the sea out across the table, having the waves cascade over the sides, is one of wild imagination – laying out the sea, something so uncontrollable, to decorate and serve purpose. Tea lights guard each corner as floating lighthouses, a boat of symbols steams across the waters, while a giant rose lies impossibly on the surface behind. Beyond, the stripes of sky blend into distant waves in a dark and oily sunset that is set alight with the warmth of orange. Expanse and space is expressed through the butterflies that hover above the table, while euphoria clings to the leaping forms that jump triumphantly in the distance.


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