Two hundred and sixty


Aqua Garden

2010 by Luminita Gliga

Gliga’s paintings from her city series were featured in The Brick Lane Gallery in 2010 – brightly coloured canvases splattered with colour and urban imagery. Her Aqua Garden paintings are very different and this is one of the most refreshing elements of Gliga’s work, that her compositions and styles vary enormously. Far from muli-coloured and impressionistic in painterly approach Aqua Garden is restrained in colour, relying on the clarity of vision and impact pairing a single colour with black can bring. Electric pink is intense, luminous in the abyss of black, and mystifyingly seductive in its melting translucence. The white high-lighted edges of these floating masses outline the crispness of their three-dimensionality as the shapes seem almost on the brink of contorting to shrink or swell. In comparison the black is absolute, only given density by the scale of the shapes that float through it. Life is injected into the composition by the fluttering petals of paint that erupt from the largest shape – appearing as a burst of energy, they appear as visual interpretations of the ripples of movement in water. Full of movement and appearing almost electrifyingly backlit, this painting is one of those that seems almost as if it were made to be set to music.


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