Two hundred and sixty two

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c2000 by Kieran Moore

Irish artist Moore creates marvellous God-like figures, inspired by literature and imagination. Indeed his drawings are faint conjurings of the mind, figures of fantasy illustrated through the faint pencil of imagination. Moore’s use of pencil is apt, allowing his images the transient and dreamy atmosphere of another world through the soft palette of drawing. The detail that drawing allows, the precision given through the nib of the pencil, is absorbing as both texture and object are perfectly described – from the hairs on the figure’s head to the tiny silhouettes of trees at the foot of the mountain. The figure is huge, her divine person exalted through the enormity of the mountain she bows across. The glowing orb that sits upon her right breast encourages this ethereal presence; she is beautiful and glowing, from her decoration to the brilliance of the shine on her hair. Compositionally the image also holds her high, the mountain falling from her hips like the flows of a skirt. She appears to rise from the landscape as if it is part of her, yet peers over it with a look of intrigue or possession. The fact that her eyes are cast downward only encourages the quiet atmosphere of this image; we are not allowed her direct gaze. If Moore ever does introduce colour into his drawing it is again quietly, by highlighting one object or detail with a bright and contrasting tone. His drawings always remain beautiful through their reliance on imagination rather than dictation of colour or elaborations of medium; it is through their simplicity and detail that fantasy is visualised.


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