Two hundred and sixty four


2011 by Lisa Houlton
On Vyner Street until 9th April 2011;

Structure Art is an exhibition currently on Vyner Street featuring the work of Havering Colleges Second Year BA Fine Art students. The work is varied, but what particularly stands out is Lisa Houlton’s large print that hangs from the ceiling in the centre of the room. Translucent and wavering, the image appears a hazy illusion, curiously uncertain carried by its blurred composition. A reflection in tin foil, the subject of this picture is unclear, though the fleshy pinks against metallic silver confirm the tantalising presence of human skin. How naked or how many people stretch above this crumpled mirror is deliberately skewed and the harder we peer into sharded surface, the more clearly sight seems to escape us. The razor sharp edges of the foil’s folds, crisp and clinically clear, only emphasise the indecipherable and soft blur of the image we are trying to look at. Viewed face-to-face this piece is quite different to its postcard; the tangibility of the delicately thin paper softens both the colour and design and its size, hanging above and almost to the floor, is overwhelming. Large and uncertain compositionally, encouraged by its ethereal-like hanging, the piece possesses an air of quiet and perhaps sexual mystery. It appears as half a memory or an imagined scene that cannot be truly realised.


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