Two hundred and sixty seven



2010 by Moses Powers
Degree Art;

Worship was 2010 winner of the Signature Art Awards. The awards provide the scope for artists to demonstrate their signature style and Powers’s work is certainly originally striking. Dark, powerful and working on many levels, Worship looks to command as much as respect as its name suggests. Its monotone palette and expansive stamp of a black background are immediately effective, especially teamed with the photographic crispness of the composition outline. The various shapes and details morph to form the awesome shape that appears as some sort of statuesque God-like figure, the outline of which is what immediately confronts us. The ‘eyes’ are doubled, featuring on both the white mechanised ‘head’ and below, eerily peering out from the darkness. Repeated curves are beautifully suggestive of a body, from the mechanical support of the head to the cascade of flowers and curves of worshipping arms and legs. There is a considered delicacy to this creation, in the symmetry and the carefully placed individual flowers that form a semi-circle adjoining right and left. The expansive wires that pull from the ‘nose’ are expressive as they are architectural, appearing almost as giant whiskers to this anonymous being, glittering in their bright white highlights. Of course all these components can be viewed for their detail individually as well as two kneeling worshiping figures, their adoration pulled and channelled as a fluttering of flowers into the power of what sits above. Either way, Worship is poignantly creative and surreal in its photographic medium, deeply intriguing in its gloss of un-telling black and white.


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