Two hundred and eighty eight

Catching Sky I

2011 by Jane Human
NIX Contemporary Art, Affordable Art Fair Hampstead 2011

Jane Human’s work takes shape in both print and painting, and, though this is one of her paintings, its influence from print is immediately evident. Human has a wonderful way with paint that encourages it to spread across the canvas as if it were stretched. Paint becomes material-like, as if threads of pigment were pulled across the composition, weaved thickly and thinly according to design. The approach gives a collaborative harmony to Human’s paintings, as all aspects of her paintings seem to play to this horizontal tune. Her compositions do not appear contrived to this style of painting but rather their essence of place is enhanced by this way of communicating them. Landscapes are drawn out for their vast viewpoint on an expanse of world, while harbours and seascapes are enhanced as a place on the brink of possibility, looking out onto the never-ending ocean. In Catching Sky I the colours of the boats on the water are dragged through the blue of the sea in a deep and oily intensity, while the bright patches of blue that scatter to the left explode in the likeness of a watery splash. Human’s paintings have the effect of a panoramic photograph, achieved through a rare painterly style that is all her own.


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