Three hundred and twelve

Mind Map 41

2012 by Rebecca Byrne
2012 MA Degree Show, Chelsea College of Art and Design

Byrne’s small canvases were found in a corner of their own at the Chelsea College degree show; small white walls by a window, lined with portraits of colour told through interiors. Each of her paintings looks in, taking a room at an angled perspective, pulling space into the picture, emphasising the depth and possibility of an empty room. Her lines, precise and defining amongst a wash of colour, are highlighted with thread, often in a contrasting shade to the composition. This accentuation of the line encourages the crisp architectural quality in Byrne’s paintings, reinforcing the draftsman’s dependence on the line and allows Bryne to play with the shapes it creates. In some paintings thread simply outlines the panes in a window, while in others Byrne uses it to play out the lines of what is outside of the interior we are placed in, as in Mind Map 41. Bright green snakes its way around the shape of mass and building that lie beyond the blue. Byrne’s colour juxtaposes the clarity of the line wonderfully, as it amasses in clouds and brush strokes of atmosphere that vary according to tone. Dark indigo in places, while starched white in others, blue envelopes this scene, yet its consistency doesn’t distract from the architectural shapes mapped out by the lines. Each of Byrne’s paintings take a different colour to this triumphant effect, flooding the canvas with colour which, when hung alongside one another, make for a kaleidoscope of windows into other rooms and other spaces.



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2 responses to “Three hundred and twelve

  1. This is STUNNING I want the original in my house

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