Three hundred and twenty one



c2012 by Eleanor Watson

A 2012 graduate of Wimbledon College of Art, Watson is proof that the power of paint has not yet died at University of the Arts London. Her paintings are crisp, clean and wonderfully emotive; the sharp edge of her accomplished technique carving the atmosphere of each composition. The almost graphic approach to shape in Watson’s compositions allows each jigsaw piece of the picture to make a point, thus becoming poignant in building the overall effect of the scene. Each detail stands out, whether it be a clinically drawn lamp or chair in one of her empty interiors, or a bold colour – as they are picked out of the pages of this map. Not that Watson’s crisp lines iron out the painterly possibilities of her medium; quite the opposite, the space these lines contain are filled with the play of colour and tone. Indeed, often colour will creep across her composition as a shadow, injecting each object in its path with a pungent hue. Watson’s handling of paint is a triumphant melody: flat and bold then impressionistically painterly, and each giving an impression of lightness of touch. Nothing is ever heavy, which is perhaps what allows such an appearance of life – of atmosphere – in her paintings. In Map the bright pages are aglow with colourful possibilities, held by the sharp and delicate edge of the paper which, springing up at each side, looks poised as wings to take flight. This energy is then expelled to the wood the map sits on, as a spreading of warmth – a subtle burnt umber – is buttered through the darkness. Watson is one to watch.


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