Three hundred and twenty nine


Vienna Woods

2013 by Dan Linden
Newcastle Fine Art Degree Show 2013

Newcastle Fine Art Degree Show packed up and came to London, exhibiting in the Embassy Tea Gallery on Union Street. The work was well worth the journey, showing a year exploring the possibilities of art and its materials in a thought provoking and considered way. The range of sculpture, works on paper, painting and installation was well spread. The painting on show was crisp and almost architectural; indeed one artist, Calum Greaney, accompanied his canvas with clean edged furniture, the line of his work running from two to three dimensionality with the ease of evolution. Linden’s work too has this awareness of the line, splitting each detail of composition into planes, delicately extracting them through perspective with the delicacy of a straight edge. In Vienna Woods the scene of the distant woods is hazy, dreamily diluted, as through a panelled window; yet the depth of reality is created through the swelling of form in the trees and their surrounding, rippling in contrast to the straight lines. These waves give the painting a vitality, caught in the shifting planes of the foreground. These clipped and angled shapes seem to be pushed and pulled by the energy of the centre image, emerging from the abyss of wonderful grey blue that seeps through the bulk of the painting.


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