Three hundred and forty four



2013 by Sarah Bold
FBA Futures, Mall Galleries

Bold uses her painting to explore the looming onset of climate change. Her 2013 degree show was a vivid display of barren and desolate landscapes, where she deliberately made life appear precarious and dependent on environment. In Waterhole dangerously thin cracks fragment the bleak expanse across her canvas, dividing and splitting the already uncertain surface of the land. The uncertainty of Bold’s land is conveyed in the mottled depths of her paint, where the shadowy abyss draws our eyes beneath the surface and poignant red dilutes in bloody patches from the ominous ‘waterhole’ in the centre. The form of Bold’s land appears translucent, fleeting, luminous only in the very natural colours that Bold – perhaps ironically – chooses to use. Life is perhaps just visible, illuminating the yellow white that hangs like a waning mist in the distance. Spreading across the deathly tones of darkening purple, melting as the cracks become stronger, the white appears almost acrid, like the turn of sour milk. Bold’s paintings embody that chilling feeling that accompanies thinking in any great detail about the changes, many irreversible, that we have forced upon the earth.


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