Three hundred and fifty five


Between Folds / Composition N.1: A Diagonal Line

2014 by Francisca Prieto
UNDERLINED, jaggedart

Prieto’s new body of work concentrates on the line, using its symbols and associations to govern her unique practice (see postcard 319). The line has endless expressions: it divides; it measures; it joins; it slices apart and binds together, forming the most intrinsic and universal signs. Francisca abstracts eight recognisable linear forms and invites us to enjoy them for the simplicity of their composition. The lean of a diagonal line, poised for movement, aptly unfolds with the records of motion, of sport – with the pages of The Wanderers cricket club logbook. As the angle of the composition pushes our eyes forward, Francisca grounds them with the vertical lines of the logbook’s tables, which run straight down. These bright red lines widen and narrow with a movement that mirrors the rhythm of throwing and catching, creating a tension between direction and motion. Emerging from between the gridlines are the softly hand-written words of play – “bowled”, “out” – repeated with the emphasis of an umpire’s call. Begun with the words “played at…”, the line (the game) is drawn to a close with the inky and inevitable “rain stopped play”.


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