Two hundred and seven

A Mirage

2010 by Le Guo
Central Saint Martin’s MA Show 2010

Guo’s work in the MA Saint Martin’s show is in two parts; two puzzles of canvas jigsaw, each piece different in size, hang next to each other, making an intriguing impact on the blank white wall. The geometric pattern created gives the effect of apparition, of instant materialisation, especially due to the paintings’ varying size; they ‘appear’ as if part of a digital process, as if they could in moments disappear into white space. This effect is only enhanced with the dark and ever-changing depths of the canvases — paint sleuths and cascades like oil, with milky white and pastels slicing through black in highlighting sheens. This deep variance in tone gives the compositions an arresting three dimensionality; with shapes and curves layered on top of one another, they appear to literally stand out from the surface of the painting. There is something slightly organic, enticing, about these compositions. They are abstract, yet have none of the sharpness of angles or block colour. They are curious, twisting, almost fantastical, paintings, taking our eyes on a trip through the caverns of their composition. Guo’s colours are fairly sinister, blacks lightened with off-white or colour drained of its intensity; the acid and dirty yellow of the top painting in the sequence only reinforces this feeling. The lack of obvious, bright and governing colour allow these paintings an affinity with the one who views them; associations come according to personal thought, giving viewing a particularly poignant effect.


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